Structural Steel

To put it simply, Allform Welding Incorporated is the best structural steel fabricator in the Olympic Peninsula area.  We build and erect structural steel for commercial and residential applications, including beams, brace frames and moment frames.  We also weld steel decking to structural steel.

At Allform Welding custom beam brackets and hangers are built to specification from blueprints, photographs or sketches.  We perform above expectation in fit and design, making sure that even the most complex beam support systems will work for you before delivery to the job site.

The quality at Allform Welding starts with our top-notch drafting/detailing team where architect's and engineer's drawings are interpreted and shop drawings are created to verify intent.  After the architectural/engineering review, Allform's team of certified weldors build and finish the project per the shop drawings.  This process is assured by Allform's quality control program which is in compliance with Section 1704.2.2 of the International Building Code.

Exposed structural steel does not have to be plain-looking! We can work with you and design beautiful beam hangers and structural supports which will enhance your project.  We have a good working relationship with builders, architects and engineers and have demonstrated many times to them that Allform Welding Incorporated has what it takes to produce a truly superior product.

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A residental moment frame
being lifted to place

 Now being installed
by Allform crew

 Commercial structural brace

Residental structural brace

Commercial bar joist and columns

A three story moment frame
 A complex structural floor brace system

Structural/decorative connecting bracket
with truss rod

Structural/decorative post/beam
connecting bracket

Structural bracing
for floating stairway landing

 Completed stairway

Structural columns set in place before
lower floor and walls are installed

Floors, walls and roof support beams
and columns are now installed

Trolly crane beam being installed
for workshop

Residental moment frame
installed into framing

 Framing for radial skylight


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